NYSE Signals Support for Sustainable Finance: 7RCC’s Eco Bitcoin ETF Proposal Advances

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The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) has taken a step forward in proposing to list and trade shares of 7RCC’s environmentally-conscious Bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund (ETF). This initiative aligns with 7RCC’s commitment to merging Bitcoin investment with environmental responsibility.

NYSE Advances 7RCC’s Eco Bitcoin ETF Proposal

NYSE’s submission of a 19b-4 form to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) signifies progress towards listing 7RCC’s ETF, marking a significant move in providing a new investment avenue for Bitcoin enthusiasts.

7RC has initiated this process by filing an S-1 application with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

7RCC commenced the process by filing an S-1 application with the SEC, aiming to introduce a Bitcoin ETF (BTCK) integrated with carbon credits. This approach intends to reflect Bitcoin’s price fluctuations alongside carbon credit futures contracts.

7RCC ETF files S-1 application, plans to allocate 80% of assets to Bitcoin and 20% to financial instruments

The ETF plans to allocate 80% of its assets to Bitcoin and 20% to financial instruments such as swaps, providing exposure to carbon credit futures contracts. This inclusion of carbon credits aligns with 7RCC’s environmental commitment.

7RCC CEO Rali Perduhova Targets ESG-Conscious Institutional Investors, Predicts Bitcoin to Reach $200,000 by Year-End

7RCC’s CEO, Rali Perduhova, emphasizes targeting institutional investors interested in ESG-compliant investments. Perduhova predicts a potential rise in Bitcoin’s value to $200,000 or higher by year-end, fostering optimism among investors.

7RCC has appointed Gemini crypto exchange as the custodian of the ETF assets, ensuring security and investor confidence in asset management.

7RCC’s Proposal Advances Bitcoin ETF Innovation, Enhances ESG Compliance, Leads Transformation in Investment Landscape

The approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs signifies broader adoption of the asset class, especially in the US market, reshaping investment landscapes. 7RCC’s proposal underscores innovation in crypto investments, reinforcing adherence to ESG principles.

Investors anticipate further updates on the potential launch of 7RCC’s Bitcoin and Carbon Credit Futures ETF as regulatory processes unfold.

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